Monday, January 19, 2009

“Good Faith”

As a prelude to ‘more talks with Tsvangirayi’ scheduled for today the Mugabe "Government" (a reminder - we do not officially have any kind of government in Zimbabwe) has arrested more ‘MDC Activists’ allegedly bent on ‘treason, sabotage or terrorism’ – or perhaps all three and today I read a report that suggests that if Tsvangirayi does not come into Mugabe’s version of an ‘inclusive government’ he too will be arrested for ‘treason’.

Mugabe thinks Tsvangirayi should ‘join the inclusive government and we can sort out the detail later’. This must be some kind of Mugabe joke. Mugabe and ZANU PF have NEVER EVER made a statement in good faith or committed an act of good faith. ‘Good faith’ does not exist in their internal psyche. Margaret Thatcher should have learned that in 1979-80 and a whole host of people in between then and now, but clearly very few people have learned it. Certainly not Thabo Mbeki, but then ‘Good Faith’ may not exist in his psyche either. Today he has a chance to prove it or not.

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