Thursday, February 12, 2009

Promises, Promises

What is going on with the two political factions? Despite the inauguration of Tsvangirai yesterday as Prime Minister in the new GNU, 30 or more political activists, known for sure to have been beaten and tortured by their ZANU PF captors over their months of captivity, and some said to be near death as a result of their ordeal, are still being held, somewhere, incommunicado.

One would have thought that their release, or at the very least, their opportunity to be admitted to bail and their ability to seek and find medical help, would have been a pre-condition for the inauguration to take place. But perhaps it has been used by the ZANU PF authorities as a ‘deal’. Take the oath, Mr Tsvangirai, and we will release your activists.

Now Tsvangirai has promised ‘that the activists will be released immediately’. He has also promised the civil servants they will be paid in forex by the end of this month. Where’s the money coming from?

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. I suspect he has been set up once again and in his naïveté he has fallen for it. ZANU PF (and Thabo Mbeki) must be laughing their heads off this morning.

I just hope I am wrong. The truth will out eventually. It always does.

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