Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12th November 2008

Mugabe’s political genius has never been in doubt! Mugabe has won yet another political victory, securing the support of the SADC in forming a government, despite his losses at the ballot box in Zimbabwe. Tsvangirayi is once again out in the cold.

Why is it that Africa continues to support a dictatorship that has brought nothing but misery and destruction to his people and his country and clearly will continue to do so?

How’s this for a scenario; SADC is largely controlled by Namibia, South Africa and Angola, the countries with power and a lot of money. Angola supplies 16% of the USA’s total oil imports. The DRC is once again in turmoil and Kabila, the long standing friend of Zimbabwe and Angola is in need of help to suppress the renewed uprising. Who was at the summit? None other than Kabila and the other agenda item at the summit was the DRC.

Who better than Mugabe to provide the much needed help? Mugabe has an army that has nothing much to do and Zimbabwe has no money to pay them for much longer, no food either. So Mugabe is needed to send his unemployed army up to the DRC where they will be used to support Kabila. Angola, with eyes like everyone else in the region on the mining riches of the DRC, will come up with the money to pay for Kabila’s war effort.

If Tsvangirayi is in power, even limited power in Zimbabwe, will Tsvangirayi be pliable enough to send the Zimbabwe National Army up to the DRC after the folly of the previous foray? Unlikely. But Mugabe, concerned already at how to keep the troops happy and off his back will support the idea to the hilt for now he has the ability to get the army off his front doorstep, get them well paid and the Zimbabwe Military hierarchy can get on with another looting spree in the DRC.

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