Monday, November 3, 2008

Introduction to Zimbabwe 2008

This blog is about the Zimbabwe Twighlight Zone which has been the creation of a handful of people who think they have the right to rule forever. In Zimbabwe today a new and bizarre circumstance happens almost every day as inflation runs riot. Zimbabweans in business try to keep their businesses running. It is not easy. As each bizarre event occurs, this blogger will attempt to describe it.

It is hard to imagine what happens when inflation runs into trillions of percent per annum, billions of percent per month, millions of percent per week and sometimes hundreds of percent per day. Previous inflationary environments such as that in Yugoslavia have been the creation of more and more printed money. In Zimbabwe inflation started off that way but it is now the creation of a new inflationary phenomenon, electronic money - just numbers really, that our Reserve Bank (RBZ) manufactures each day. How long can it last?

I shall in the days to come, try and provide an insight.

Bear with me. I am a new blogger and I don't yet understand all the rules but one way to find out is to do it. If I err, forgive.

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Grum's Blog said...

I look forward to understanding how things work day to day, and hopefully will share in your joy when it finaly ends....