Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yesterday the Zimbabwe stock market recorded the highest rate of change in one counter in one day. Tedco Limited, a retailer of household goods, achieved a net gain of twenty six million percent. This is probably because the shares have been lagging behind the general trend and a stock-holder actually wanted to sell them. The problem with other counters on the market is that nobody wants to sell!

This morning I listened to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech delivered in Chicago. Obama is most certainly a great orator reminiscent of Winston Churchill and John Kennedy and has the ability to inspire like no other that I have heard in all my life. He has given hope to millions of Americans – and probably millions of Africans too. But he will need to bear in mind that Africa does not need ‘more aid’ that ends up in the pockets of greedy politicians. Another story that hit the wires yesterday is that The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria deposited $12.3 million with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Of this, $7.3 million has simply disappeared. The Fund has asked the Zimbabwe Government to send the money back. It hasn’t been delivered. Another case of theft, it would seem.

What Africa does need is committed, accountable democratic leadership that can only come from a constitution that provides for it.

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